The night the sky turned 'rainbow' colours

It looked like the place had been invaded by various visitors including illuminous balls a yarn, aliens and ghosts when light painting burst onto the grounds of Yurunga Homestead this week. Rainbow people are accustomed to the impressive floodlights that illuminate the historic building but light painting took this to a whole new level. On Sunday night South Australian artist David Wilson spent about an hour teaching photographers and light painters on the skills needed to develop their creations. Then, as the sun went down, the fun began.

Coloured lights on a rope were swung around the create giant balls of light, while others dragged along the ground to form squiggly lines of brilliant colour. Bicycle wheels with fairy lights painted a dome and setting fire to steel wool on a rope produced a mesmerising ball of gold, complete with a mess of sparks. Torches were used to project colours on the homestead and on to one of Ron Ismay’s vintage cars. And then, when people stood still too long, or steamy lights were used, you would swear that Yurunga might just have a ghost…The night ended fittingly with the image of a rainbow was projected into the night sky.

Mr Wilson began Light painting several years ago and is now experimenting with stencils, modelling and animation and one artist had combined fabric to create the illusion of water. The Oasis Rainbow project manager Adelle Rohrsheim said the night, which attracted 30 participants, had been a huge success and opened participants’ eyes to the possibilities of combining cameras, lights and a little imagination. “We were so lucky to have David Wilson come here and teach us this amazing skill. He also shared his knowledge with a group of students from Rainbow P12 College on Monday.” “We had photographers come from Rainbow district, Hopetoun, Nhill and Horsham and everyone really enjoyed seeing what we could create. "We have created some beautiful images and I am hoping from this we may be able to have an exhibition of the works in Rainbow in the future. We are also hoping that these images could also be included in some of the projections we are planning to beam onto various Rainbow structures in coming months.” “And, now that so many people have seen the light when it comes to the this art form, who knows where we might be able to take it,” she said.

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