Project Schedule: May - September 2018.

Major Event Opening: Saturday 6 October 2018. 

Workshops from 2pm, market stalls from 4pm, Live music from 5pm + onsite catering and more... FUN for the whole FAMILY!!! BYO Chair, drinks and enjoy a great night in Rainbow.



2pm - Loop Pedals with This Way North
This workshop delves into the basics of creating a song and learning how to use a loop pedal. It will involve some instructional work but mostly facilitating the song writing process allowing people to get involved in creating a song and to try out using a looping pedal. Leash will describe and demonstrate the best ways to use a looping pedal and then allow participants to try out looping on her pedal.

3pm - Songwriting with Sal Kimber
Born and bred in the mountains valleys of Victoria’s North East, Sal Kimber’s songwriting craft draws passionately upon the themes of ‘story telling’ and ‘sense of place’. Wether you are starting out, completely frightened of the idea or an experienced songwriter, hop along to the workshop to discover some of the keys to unlocking the songwriter in all of us.

4pm - Live Sound with Chris Rogers
The sound for our Big Sky Festival is in the experts hands, and ears, of Chris Rogers from the Soundtrap Mildura. This is a fantastic opportunity to learn from one of the best in the business, as he demonstrates our new PA system with his digital mixer.

For more information and bookings please contact Ben on 0428 127 700

Date: Saturday 6 October, 2018

The Big Sky Festival 

A local music festival at the Oasis involving talent from the community will encourage a final celebration of the two year project. This will include blues, roots, country and folk music, as well as a bush dance. Students will practice their learnt dance routines. Musicians and bands will perform for entertainment, and local catering will provide food stalls.


Archive Explorers

Opening up the Archive and revealing it as a treasure trove of mysteries to be reimagined and reignited, Screen Bandita dust off the covers and guide pupils through local yarns, weird objects and forgotten folk from the past. This primary school workshop will allow pupils to explore and rummage through the Rainbow Archive with archive artist Leanora Olmi (aka Screen Bandita). Leanora will pick out specific people or stories from the collection, and work with the pupils to illustrate in paint, pastel, or collage (tbc) the local yarns that they have uncovered through their own interpretations and imaginations.

Workshops Dates: 26 & 27 June, 2018 to be displayed at the Oasis on Sunday 29 June, 2018.

Old School Sessions

The Oasis has repurposed one of its many old school rooms into a performance space for local and invited artists and musicians. This will be an opportunity for local and surrounding communities to be a part of a one off intimate, up close and personal experience with invited artists performing in the Old School Sessions.

Yarn Swaps

Screen Bandita invite you to a friendly, participatory gathering. The Yarn Swap gathers members of the community of all ages. Together we'll be exploring personal archival materials and the many ways they can be kept relevant for the future. It is an informal and welcoming social event, a space in which to share, speak and listen. Bring an object, memory, song, story, 8mm film, photograph or slide that means something to you to share with the group. An opportunity to connect with others through memories, personal archives and artefacts! An open discussion where all voices and thoughts are very welcome.

Yarn Swap date: Sunday 24 June from 2-5pm at the Oasis

Project 2: The Embodied Landscape

Project Schedule: October 2017 - April 2018

Major Event Opening: 28 April 2018. 

The whole project captured here in this short film... Click button to see some of the project highlights.


Rainbow and district community has a proud and successful history of working together to achieve some amazing goals. Through this project we will take it a step further to expand our horizons and team up with communities beyond Rainbow to learn and grow. We will collaborate with  Barengi Gadjin Land Council, Wotjobaluk dancers and visiting Indonesian artists staying at the Rainbow Artist in Residence Program, to create movement performances/interactions in places across our beloved landscape. Developing a new and exciting relationship and creative work, where both groups investigate spiritual connections to land and culture. We will explore various sites, including heritage listed Lake Albacutya. We will hold Movement and wellbeing workshops with Sampang Agung Centre for Performing Arts (Pelem, Pacitan, Indonesia) to provide Javanese dance, music and movement for local students and adults. Through this activity local community members will be encouraged to gain an understanding of the potential for self-exploration and wellbeing through Indigenous, traditional and contemporary movement. 

The PROGRAM is in... Click on the link below to view this exciting program.



Animation workshops with invited artist 
Using Rainbow's very own Projector Bike we will be working with school groups on Friday 27 April at our intercultural day at the Oasis. Students will have the chance to develop their own small animation that takes them on a journey across the local landscape. These animations will be screened at the Oasis on Saturday 28 April.

Major Event
All this activity (workshops, landscape exploration, performances, documentation) will culminate with an exhibition of contemporary performance at the Oasis hub in Rainbow. This will be a day full of activity focusing on the collaborative efforts between cultural and community groups. It will include performances, projections in the gardens, a sound experience and
on-site projector bike screenings. The day will start from 1pm with the official opening followed by on-site workshops and performances scheduled from 2-10pm throughout the main street and on-site at the Oasis.


From 6-7pm meet at the Oasis for Dry Leaves – Dance by Sampang Agung Centre for Performing Arts, Indonesia. Plus performances by Agung Gunawan, Deasylina da Ary and the Wotjobaluk Dancers.

Project 1: Oasis Desert Garden

Project Schedule: January - October 2017.

Major Event Opening: 14-15 October 2017. 


We know that Rainbow and its outlying population are an oasis of community, history and creativity in a sea of agricultural crops nestled between the Big and Little Deserts on the aged and enduring Wimmera Mallee landscape.


Through this exciting project we will encourage the Rainbow and district community to reflect on their tough and resilient environmental location with a focus on sculptural and land art. 


With the guidance of professional landscape architects En:locus we will landscape the expansive garden at the school site, to establish a much-needed space that artists, students, families and the local community can use throughout the project and into the longer distant future. Right now we don’t have a location like this in the town. This will provide a multi-purpose place to not only produce or exhibit creative work, but also for play, rest, reflection, communion and recreation. A true and inspirational oasis in our amazing southern Mallee community.


The whole community has chance to play a part in the vision for the garden’s aesthetic and design of the garden. In the school’s more than century-old tradition this will be a truly educational process with a focus on native flora and local Aboriginal culture. It will transform and enrich this much loved historic building into a site of not only education, but cultural conciliation, recognition and respect. 


The community will work together to refurbish this school building in the project’s first year of culminating in the major OASIS DESERT GARDEN major event (in October 2017). This gala activity and celebration will mark the rebirth of the refurbished school site, unveil the Oasis Desert Garden and highlight the community’s impressive first year of progress of the Small Town Transformations project.

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The Small Town Transformations program is a Victorian Government initiative delivered by Regional Arts Victoria.